Moss design for effective room design

Elegant wall design made of moss creates a feel-good atmosphere

With Mosswall you can get peace and relaxation directly from nature in your interior rooms. We create the highest quality for every kind of room layout: stabilized moss (preserved by a special process) brings permanent visual appeal to the walls.

  • Provides custom-fit solutions

  • Without care

  • Improves room acoustics

Provides custom-fit solutions

Our designs are sustainable, spectacular and sophisticated to fit your style: your Moss Wall is made with precision to fit your requirements as well as the make-up of the wall surface you wish to have enhanced.

  • Florawall offers a variety of moss types and possible combinations - in perfect harmony with nature.

    We create the highest quality for every room layout: stabilized moss (preserved by a special treatment) brings permanent personal appeal to the walls. Our range of wall panelling includes appealing company logos, advertising and customized design. Mosswall offers an exciting variety: your endless creative ideas are implemented with the help of our design and botanical experts. With our expert eye and a selection of fresh and mood-enhancing shades of coloring we create impressive results in every location.


Technical facts


Size: to client specification

Overall structure: 4-15cm

Weight: 6-9 kg per m²

Frame: to client specification

Scope of delivery

Mounting plate – project specific

Sheet moss

Ball moss

Iceland moss

Ferns & plants

  • Request an offer for your personalized Florawall.

    We like sharing with you – in particular our long-term experience. We offer you face-to-face appointments and plan your project at your location free of charge.