Green Walls by Florawall

Created to make you feel positively better.

This is the way it works

Pretty green, from the inside & outside

Florawall is a green indoor wall made of living plants. It gives rooms a fresh look and enhances your well-being: in offices, lobby areas, meeting rooms, hotels, shopping malls, showrooms, but also on stages and at events.

Healthy work environment with Florawall

Florawall prevents lapses of concentration, reduces CO² concentration in rooms, leads to fewer stress symptoms and filters out indoor air pollutants.

This is the way it works

Pretty green, from the inside & outside

  1. Plants

    You can choose from among more than 100 different plants to have your wall decorated from the outside. This allows you to achieve any atmospheric effect you like.

  2. Three types of irrigation systems

    1. Automated system including a water conduit and outlet
    2. with water conduit only
    3. with water tank to be refilled manually (ideally suited for old and existing buildings)

  3. Fleece

    Our system is based on hydroponic technology. Plants are kept in water, that is, in fleece specifically designed for that use. By the way, this makes our product highly slim with minimum space requirements.

  4. Sensors

    High-tech installed behind plants: Sensors will notify us automatically if plants are kept too dry or need more nutrients. Our central office will be notified duly and signal to us that action is required.

Try green, but verify

Where there is a Florawall, there are no withered desert plants but evergreen plant paintings. How come we claim it so boldly? It is as easy as this: When installing your Florawall we use a monitoring system that is designed to surveil your Florawall 24/7. Your Florawall is connected to our central office around the clock. Should your Florawall ever fail to work properly or should conditions change, we will be the first to know and take immediate action. You won’t even notice it. Rely on our innovative quality management system and rest assured that you will always have lush green beautiful plants. We guarantee that this will come with your Florawall Care Package at no extra charge.

  • Scientifically verifiable effects

    It is possible to assess and thus increase the level of air humidity to a pre-defined target level in rooms. In new building projects we use these indicators to scale down housing technology ahead of the implementation of your Florawall.

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  • Support service

    Service is not ’our success‘ but the pre-condition for our success. We are impassioned about the green world and we are passionate about making you happy with your Florawall. We give your plants a fully-fledged spa treatment on a regular basis.

  • Florawall can do more

    No dirt, no bad smell, no watering – but pure health. The green interior wall reduces the amount of dust particles in the air and filters nicotine and formaldehyde out of the air.

    Florawall scientific study


Technical facts


works automatically via water conduits and outlets, or manually by using an integrated water tank

Control unit:
• Standing or mounted to wall
• Display function
• Dimensions: H/W/D 90/50/30cm

Remote surveillance:
• Surveillance of water supply
• Humidity level of fleece
• Changes to ambient temperature
• Level of air humidity or lighting


Size: to client specification

Overall structure: 10cm

Weight: 12 kg pro m²

Plants: approx. 40 hydroponic plants per m² Lighting: min. 2000 Lux

Frame / tank color: to client specification

Scope of delivery

Mounting plate


Irrigation system, mounting bracket


Water tray (various colors)

Frame (various colors)

  • FlorawallCare.
    Try green, but verify

    Our qualified mounting team and florists are in charge of installing and planting the greenery in your Florawall. Your plants receive a fully-fledged spa treatment four times a year. We supply plant nutrients and clean the ducts and pumps.

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  • Request an offer for your personalized Florawall.

    We like sharing with you – in particular our long-term experience. We offer you face-to-face appointments and plan your project at your location free of charge.

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